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From Title IX to #MeToo: Progress In Gender Equality

When Title IX became law in 1972, it was the dawn of a new age for women. Now, the #MeToo movement has created new momentum in the journey to gender equality. Lisa Lindahl shares her insights.

Power vs. Strength: What’s the Difference?

Especially these days, the issue of women and power is on the sociopolitical hot topics list. In Lisa’s business partnership and the all-male industry they were in, she came to think quite a bit about the subject of power – her own perceptions of power or lack of it. What role does character play? Inner strength? Is being a strong person the same as being a powerful person?

Sports Bras: The Birth of Athleisure

Before the invention of the sports bra, bras were designed by men to make women’s breasts look a certain way. With the advent of the sports bra came the birth of an all-new kind of casual comfort clothing for women: athleisure.

From Form to Function: Inclusive Fashion for Women

Beauty standards fluctuate over the generations, but one thing remains true: women’s bodies are not one-size-fits-all. Lisa Lindahl talks about the evolution of the bra and how it relates to “true beauty” rather than glamour.

Timeless Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Lisa Lindahl and her business partner started their Jogbra company in a day and age when female entrepreneurs were a rare exception in a male-dominated industry. Lisa shares her key lessons learned to support the women entrepreneurs of today.

Chronic Illness: A Lifelong Tool for Learning?

Lisa Lindahl was diagnosed with epilepsy at age four. Then she went on to invent the sports bra and become a pivotal entrepreneurial force in American history. She credits epilepsy (and the lessons available through almost any chronic illness) for her creative problem solving and quick adaptation abilities.

Glamour vs. True Beauty

What’s the difference between glamour and "true beauty" and why does it matter? Lisa talks about what true beauty is, what really matters in life, and why practicing true beauty may very well change the world.
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